The SSN Schaltschrank- & Steuerungsbau Neubukow LTD is an enterprise of the electro-technology. For your special tasks and demands we offer for you your custom-made, optimal solution in the building of circuit cupboard and in the control building.
Our offer for you:

project engineering, manufacturing, sales and assembly from:
  • to low-voltage cupboards,

  • low-voltage controls,

  • installation distributor to 250 A,

  • energy distributors 250 to 4000 A,

  • controls for the areas house technology, water supply and waste water care, machine-building industry.

  • disturbance message tableaus, operation tableaus, tableaus for operation-spaces and preparations spaces in special construction.

Safety, reliability, high quality and flexibility are maxims of our house. So that we fulfill these demands with life, we have submitted our enterprise successfully to a certification procedure after German Institute for Standardization of EN ISO 9001:2000 by the Germanic Lloyd.

circuit cupboard

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Schaltschrank- & Steuerungsbau Neubukow GmbH, Gewerbestr. 11, 18233 Neubukow/Mecklenburg
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Tel.: (038294) 78605 · Fax: (038294) 78606
eMail: ssn-gmbh@t-online.de
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update: on 28.11.2013
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